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Our Values

We believe values matter and our values guide our work every day.

Hard Work – You’ve worked hard and saved with discipline. Now let us work hard for you as we guide your financial decisions and manage your investments with discipline. The financial world can change quickly whether it’s tax laws or market events. Despite our many years of experience, we continue to research, study and learn so that we can be the most knowledgeable advisors you could choose.

Relationships – You should know the person advising you and managing your investments. We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients, built on the foundation of trust and mutual respect. Call us old fashioned, but we believe the best way to accomplish this is by spending time together. That is why we encourage our clients to meet in person with us at least twice a year.

Serving Others – Our role is to serve you by helping you make wise decisions with your financial resources. We believe that we are all part of a bigger plan. That perspective shapes our conviction that we have a responsibility to serve others. It is where our passion meets our purpose. We hope that our clients will experience the same fulfillment by living in the sweet spot, where your passion meets your purpose.

Integrity – You expect honesty, transparency and open communication. We agree. It is the primary reason that we decided to work as independent financial advisors rather than work for a big corporate firm. We are not beholden to a corporate agenda that could create conflicts. We know that our success only comes by doing what is best for you.