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Our Process

Have you heard the investment community say things like, “you have to buy and hold for the long-term” and “just weather the storm, it will come back some day”? Those are mantras that permeate the investment industry, but could there be a better way? We believe there is.

Imagine driving down the highway with cruise control on your car. Now imagine that you don’t have a brake on the car! What if there is an accident ahead? What if it starts raining? How would that make you feel? Well, that’s what investing with the buy and hold approach is like. You answer some questions – pick your risk tolerance (speed) – and never change, not even if conditions change.

Now imagine having an accelerator and a brake on your car. It just makes more sense. There are times when it is okay to drive 70 mph on the highway… when the road is clear and the sun is out. However, there are times when you need to slow down or even pull off to the side for a while. Our Active Strategies utilize this approach to adjust the risk level of your investments to reflect the current environment.

Declines of 30% or 40% or 50% in your investment accounts are unnerving and it takes a long time to dig out of that hole. We attempt to avoid those outcomes with our process. Over time avoiding big losses can be more important than capturing big gains. Limiting the downside might not only protect against losses, but can potentially produce higher cumulative returns over the long term.

You aspire - we help you aim and achieve with our investment approach that provides a smoother, more comfortable ride. We will help you arrive at your destination more safely and perhaps even faster by helping you avoid the crashes.

As the legendary football coach Bear Bryant once said, “Offense might sell tickets, but defense wins championships.”